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URTECH Thermal System


Highlights and benefits

Optimal thermal protection.
Designed for circulation of materials at high and low temperatures.

Quick and easy installation.
Factory prefabrication and preassembly.

Custom selection of materials.
Wide selection of materials to ensure maximum thermal efficiency.

Small and large distribution systems.
Various solutions for all types of thermal systems.

Guaranteed energy savings.
Maximum reduction of heat loss.

Minimal energy losses. Optimal energy savings.

Distribution systems in which high and low temperature materials circulate must be insulated in order to eliminate all heat loss and increase energy efficiency.

IPI advises its customers on the best materials to use to get maximal thermal output from their heating systems. After developing plans and specifications, we manufacture and assemble at our plant the various sections of the system that will later be installed as a whole on site.

Everyone has its own network. Everyone has its own needs.

At IPI, we know that each distribution network is set up to meet specific needs. This is why we developed a range of models of insulation systems that recognizes these differences and provides maximum protection against energy loss, thus ensuring optimum energy savings.


Thermal System Operating temperature
Small linear thermal systems URTECH-FM Less than 350 °F
URTECH-SC 350°F or more
Large linear thermal systems INSERTECH-FM Less than 350 °F
INSERTECH-SC 350°F or more


The Small linear thermal systems

Small thermal systems are used for short, linear distances. Polyurethane foam is injected over the first layer of insulation to seal any joints the pipes may have. Then, a protective membrane is applied to the insulation. There are two types of small thermal systems: the URTECH-FM and URTECH-SC thermal systems.

The Large linear thermal systems

When a network extends over a long distance, the main insulated pipe is usually inserted in a second pipe. The second pipe protects the internal system and provides enough space to accommodate thermal expansion. The expansion loops or joints selected at the system design stage allow this expansion to be absorbed.

Providing complete thermal insulation systems onsite

If having thermal systems prepared at our plant is inconvenient for you, IPI can also supply materials and an installation guide to carry out the work onsite. IPI offers two options; we can provide the insulation materials and the protective coating separately or we can prefabricate sections of insulation for pipes, joints, and couplings at our plant.

IPI also offers other thermal system models than those listed above. Feel free to contact IPI directly for more information.


Certified ISO 9001: 2015, Isotex-Pro International ensures its customers to obtain uniform products and services, of good quality, with in return, interesting commercial benefits.
This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including in particular a strong customer focus, motivation and management commitment, process approach and continuous improvement.
At IPI, we believe in the superior quality of our products and the fact that you will benefit from energy savings.

Certification ISO9001:2015

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