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Tuyauterie préisolée - Système Urtech
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System Urtech - conduite préisolée
système urtech
Coquille isolante Urtech pour conduite




Highlights and benefits

Quick and easy installation.
No cutting required. Reduced labor.

No alteration of materials.
Insulating and protective materials preinstalled in our plant.

Thermal protection and aesthetic.
An aesthetic product with superior thermal protection.

Energy savings and increased longevity.
Wise selection and combination of insulating materials and performance.

URTECH system

IPI has developed a unique procedure for applying insulating polyurethane foam to pipes in water distribution systems. The foam prevents the harmful effects of freezing and keeps the chilled water at a constant temperature.

Reduces the effects of cold:

  • Prevents freezing;
  • Reduces excavation depth in harsher climates;
  • Protects pipes under bridges;
  • Avoids dynamiting. Preinsulated pipes can be installed directly on rock.

Reduces the effects of heat:

  • Keeps chilled water at a constant temperature;
  • Prevents the harmful effects of condensation.

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a high-performance insulator. Its cellular structure, which consists of thousands of tiny closed, gas-filled, and insulated cells, prevents heat transfer. The thickness of the foam applied to pipes is established based on ambient conditions and the system’s flow type. Polyurethane foam is also resistant to mold and fungus.

The main benefit of polyurethane foam is its insulating ability. It is formed through a reaction between an isocyanate and a resin. In solid state, this alveolar thermosetting plastic is made of small closed cells, which ensure the foam’s long term insulation capacity. According to certain laboratory tests, polyurethane foam can optimally insulate for up to fifty years.

Protective membrane

We apply a protective membrane to the hardened polyurethane foam on the lateral surface of the pipe. This protects against bad weather, the harmful effects of UV rays, damage during shipping and handling, and denting by angular materials used in excavation filling.

The most popular protective membrane is the polyethylene membrane. Other types of membranes (metal, PVC, other) can also be used. To prevent water from infiltrating into the foam, we apply a bituminous sealer to the ends of the insulated pipes.

Insulating shells

IPI manufactures two-part insulating shells to insulate distribution system joints and connections. The shells are custom designed in our plant and perfectly cover pipe ends. The two insulating sections are superimposed during installation for faster assembly and reduced labor needs.

The insulating shells are made of isocyanurate foam and entirely covered by a protective polyurea membrane. The two insulating sections are held in place by stainless steel bands or polyethylene adhesive bands.

IPI also manufactures insulating shells with a protective metal covering.

Coupe d'un tuyau pré-isolé du Système URTECH

URTECH insulating tubes

URTECH insulating tubes are designed in 20 ft. lengths. The tubes allow workers to complete the pipe insertion directly on the job site. These tubes are used to insulate pipes in coil.

Tube isolant URTECH

Electrical systems

Water systems in cold climates will sometimes require an electric heating system additionnally to polyurethane insulation. Stagnated water in a pipe is at risk of freezing.

To solve this problem, a heating cable is placed on the outside wall of the pipe. The URTECH system requires the installation of a cable channel before polyurethane foam is applied. The heating cable is installed onsite in the prefabricated channel.

Normally, a PVC cable channel is used for the heating cable. Other types of channels can be used, such as a copper, which is a small-diameter copper pipe placed on the main pipe.

The heating cable is controlled by a thermostat and heats the entire system. It is possible to have numerous cable channels and heating cables on each pipe to prevent freezing.

To properly evaluate the power needed, the heating system will be analyzed by an engineering firm. Several factors are considered: temperature extremes at the installation site, water flow in the pipes, the thickness of the polyurethane foam, whether the system is above or below ground, etc.

The heating cable on each pipe will be connected to each joint or fitting, which will be insulated with an insulating shell. The ends of pipes will not be insulated, to facilitate handling.

The heating cable should lie on top of the pipe to maximize performance. Then, the cable will be in direct contact with the pipes outside wall. The conductivity of the pipe’s material will determine heat distribution for the entire pipe.

Tuyaux isolants URTECH avec câble chauffant


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