Tampon Urtech RE


URTECH RE Insulating Shell


Highlights and benefits

Thermal protection and aesthetic.
Thermal barrier preventing frost penetration.

Quick and easy installation.
No cutting required. No bituminous sealer to be applied.

Full insulation.
Made of polyurethane foam and polyurea matching the shape of the manhole.

Equipment protection.
Protects anything inside the manhole.

Protection against shifting.
Protects the manhole heaving due to the thermal bridge formation.


Complete insulation. One less thing to worry about.

Manholes are insulated to prevent shifting and the harmful effects of freezing on surrounding structures. Concrete manholes must be insulated to:

  • Prevent heaving due to the formation of a thermal bridge;
  • Prevent the freezing of the equipment inside the manhole;
  • Prevent soil from adhering to the manhole walls and moving its various sections;
  • Reduce energy loss.

URTECH RE insulating shell:

  • Provides a thermal barrier to prevent freezing of the manhole walls or inside the manhole itself;
  • Is made of polyurethane foam and polyurea that perfectly fits the manhole’s shape;
  • Can quickly and easily be installed in overlapping layers.

Installation is a piece of cake.

Lightweight, no cutting required or bituminous sealer application, the URTECH RE insulating shell matches perfectly, simply and quickly the shape of the manhole.

Comparison of concrete manhole insulation methods

Isocyanurate boards Polyurethane foam URTECH RE shell
Installation Boards 1″ thick-inflexible and breakable. Spraying of polyurethane foam onsite.

Foam thickness hard to control.

Fast and easy to install; Reduced labor costs.

Designed and pre-molded in plant to perfectly fit your manhole.

Cutting of materials Cutting of materials for installation. No cutting required.
and joints
Two foam products
needed to seal joints.Hard to use, dried foam blocks applicator gun.
Risk of cavity formation and frost penetration. Preapplied membrane to the shell surface.
Bituminous sealer Bituminous sealer applied with a trowel to the insulated surface. Bituminous sealer applied with a trowel to the insulated surface. No bituminous sealer to apply.
Polythene Polythene installed on bituminous sealer to prevent soil from sticking. Polythene installed on bituminous sealer to prevent soil from sticking. No polythene to install.
Density of foam 2 lb/ft3 2,5 lb/ft3.

High-performance thermal protection.


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