Urtech insulating pannels for tank (15)
Panneau Isolant Urtech pour réservoir (3)
Urtech insulating pannels for tank (4)
Urtech insulating pannels for tank (6)
URTECH Insulating Panel


URTECH Insulating Panel


Highlights and benefits

Thermal protection and aesthetic.
An aesthetic product with high thermal performance.

Quick and easy installation.
Only lifting equipment and three men to complete the installation.

One-step insulation and covering.
Tailored to fit the curve of the tank.

Solid and safe.
Structure securely attached and maintained. It perfectly insulates and covers any tank.

Thermal expansion and energy savings guaranteed.
Wise selection and combination of insulation materials made for performance.


Exceptional thermal protection.
Sensational energy savings.

URTECH insulating panels provide higher thermal protection for all types of tanks. These panels are custom designed to match the curve of your tank.

Made of injected polyurethane foam, isocyanate foam, mineral fiber, or other materials, also protected with metal sheeting, the panels complete the thermal insulation and the finish of your tanks in a single step. Metal straps with URTECH fasteners keep the insulation in place, and overlapping joints completely seal the structure. This product greatly reduces installation and labor costs.

To provide maximum insulation, numerous combinations of insulating products are available.


URTECH Insulating panel

  • 0.032 mil. aluminum protection.
  • 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″ thickness or more of polyurethane foam, isocyanate foam, mineral fiber, or other insulation.
  • Aluminum vapor barrier.
  • URTECH straps with springs allowing thermal expansion.

Small team. Great results.

It takes only a small team of 3 people and lifting equipment to install URTECH tank panels.

Facelift for your tank.

URTECH insulation boards can cover insulation that is already in place but which has deteriorated over the years. If the steel structure of the tank is in good condition, it is not necessary to remove the old insulation.


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