Isotex Insulating blanket


ISOTEX Insulating Blanket


Highlights and benefits

Protection against frost or heat gain.
Protection against energy loss.

Quick and easy installation.
It can be carried out by one person, without assembly and without any tools.

Removable and reusable.
Cost savings on replacement of insulating materials in case of breakage.

Fireproof and corrosion resistant.
Increase the service life of covered equipment and instruments.

Versatile and flexible.
It covers any instrument or equipment requiring thermal protection.


Removable and reusable.

Unlike conventional insulation methods, when repairs are necessary on insulated equipment, simply remove the blanket, make the repairs on the equipment, and reinstall the blanket. Not only will you save on the costs of replacing and installing insulation materials, but you will also help to minimize the impact on the environment.

Fabrics and insulators made for each other.

Since the fabrics and insulators are chosen based on the environmental conditions at the installation site, you benefit from a thermal insulation solution that is fully adapted to offer the best performance possible. Manufactured and assembled in our plant, they are delivered to you after passing stringent quality tests.

Easy to install and extremely versatile and robust.

All fabrics offer high resistance to splitting, bending, punctures, and abrasion. They are fireproof and resistant to many chemical products. The flexible fabrics allow the ISOTEX insulating blanket to perfectly and naturally cover different equipment of instruments of different forms and requiring thermal protection. Only one person is required to complete the installation since cutting nor materials assembly are necessary. Everything is thought out in terms of ease of installation, versatility and strength of materials without compromising performance.


Certified ISO 9001: 2015, Isotex-Pro International ensures its customers to obtain uniform products and services, of good quality, with in return, interesting commercial benefits.
This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including in particular a strong customer focus, motivation and management commitment, process approach and continuous improvement.
At IPI, we believe in the superior quality of our products and the fact that you will benefit from energy savings.

Certification ISO9001:2015