The expertise of IPI Isolation Thermique

IPI Isolation Thermique is a manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulation products for the industrial, commercial, municipal, mining and marine markets. IPI Isolation Thermique also pre-insulates in its plant, industrial and mining equipments.

Why choose IPI?

  • because we are reliable and have earned the respect and confidence of small and big players in the industry.
  • because we believe in the superior quality of our products and the energy that they will save for you.
  • because we support you in each phase of your projects … From design and manufacturing to installation.
  • because our team of experts can help you design the product tailored to your needs.
  • because we are committed to minimize your installation costs of thermal insulation products.

Isotex-Pro International

Founded in Quebec in 1989, Isotex-Pro International has established itself as a leader in the industry of thermal insulation. Combining consulting services, development, manufacturing and distribution of insulation products, IPI has the expertise to meet the needs of industrial, commercial, mining and municipal sectors.

The expertise of IPI Isolation Thermique

IPI’s thermal insulation expertise includes:

  • Manufacturing insulating products right here in our plant to reduce onsite installation costs;
  • Custom designed products according to specific customer’s needs.

IPI researches and develops intelligent concepts and innovative manufacturing processes to provide higher quality products. Our insulating products meet the most diverse thermal and climatic standards, from the coldest to the hottest temperatures.

With its reliable experience, IPI offers comprehensive expertise to help you make a strategic choice of insulating and related products.

IPI tackles large-scale projects. With its flexible production capacity, intelligent and multitalented team, and local, national, and international operations, IPI serves both warmer climates and northern regions.

IPI insulating products:

  • Reduce heat loss;
  • Prevent freezing of equipment, pipes, and accessories;
  • Diminish the harmful effects of condensation;
  • Protect workers near high-temperature equipment;
  • Keep the refrigerated water used in air conditioning and other systems at the correct temperature.


Certified ISO 9001: 2015, Isotex-Pro International ensures its customers to obtain uniform products and services, of good quality, with in return, interesting commercial benefits.
This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including in particular a strong customer focus, motivation and management commitment, process approach and continuous improvement.
At IPI, we believe in the superior quality of our products and the fact that you will benefit from energy savings.


Showing advanced expertise and numerous achievements in the insulation field, IPI advises the prime contractor, the project manager, as well as the engineering firms. IPI works closely with the engineering firms to create plans and specifications. IPI constantly gets involved to solve any problematics in its range of expertise.

Our team of engineers is always up to date with the new technologies letting us improve our fabricating processes and our product quality. Our research and development department allows us to ensure a constant evolution in the usage of IPI insulating products, thus maximizing the energy savings opportunities.

Other expertise and services:

Maintenance division

IPI offers machinery insulation and building mechanics maintenance services.

Maritime division

IPI has expertise in maritime insulation and manufactures insulating products especially adapted to the maritime field. With its highly specialized team, IPI proceeds to insulation, maintenance and reparation works directly on ships.



The URTECH system is based on the use of polyurethane foam, one of the best insulating materials we can find in the industry today.

Our polyurethane foam implementation techniques allow us to get insulating structures in different forms and thus make it usable for different applications. We can also combine different materials to the polyurethane foam to get better performance from each insulating layers.

This technology lets us create many possibilities to satisfy our customers’ needs and thus ensure maximal energy savings.



The ISOTEX technology lets us mix different insulating materials to maximize the thermal efficiency of the IPI fabricated piece.

We assemble fabrics and insulation considering the different characteristics of the environment where it will be installed. Waterproof fabrics are combined to other high temperature fabrics to increase the life of the prefabricated insulating product.

We analyze service temperatures, ambient temperatures, available space, climatic conditions, and the type of usage to pick the right materials to develop the best insulating product with high energy efficiency.