Covid-19 measures


COVID- 19: ISOTEX-PRO INTERNATIONAL Inc, remains open to assist you!

Publié le 26 March 2020

We are one of the companies whose activities are essential to allow Quebec to continue operating. We serve and supply companies offering essential services in Quebec and Canada.

Part of our team is teleworking and providing customer service and administration. You can therefore continue to contact us, either by email or by phone at any time.

Marie-Katelyne Demers Eng.
Vice President
Cel. 418-955-7877

Mathieu Bertrand Eng.
Project manager
Cel. 418-473-5715

Martin Flamand B.A.A.
Phone. 418-839-6776 # 226

Sébastien Demers llb. DEA
Vice President
Cel. 514-973-8989

Gaétan Demers

At the factory and in the field, all recommended measures for the safety of our employees have been implemented and strict rules of access to the factory must be followed by the deliverers and visitors.

We remain alert to government news and follow their directions carefully.

If you have any questions, we remain available.